Genuine 1970's modernist avant garde artist Lynne Dorsch Original RARE # LD2 ~ 13/4" belt buckle. This particular design is pretty rare, there are plenty LD3's and even brand new recast replica's. This piece has beautiful Pewter made at Indiana Metal Craft has a Blue stone insert and well aged patina appropriate for its age. These are really hard to find in single sized like this, mostly the wide LD3. She was cutting edge at the time and with all the alien stuff happening, maybe she was on to something.

Condition: Very Fine+

This Lynne Dorsch Original is Genuine and has beautiful aged patina and a wear pattern abrasion on right side (hard to see, added pic). as evidence to its use and age. Also, on back where hoop meets buckle, what looks like a crack, is however on close inspection a design imperfection and not structural at all. (MY OPINION) Looking close (see last pictures of each side) You can see light rust on an inner steel tube and the breach looks to be as aged as the buckle and rusted steel (indicates age). If the hoop caused the breach from stress, the tube would have had to bend upward or move off of base and the pictures show neither happened. The tube at the inside to where hoop meets tube is not bent upward and the tube is solidly buried in the base, pictures show both sides are secure and similar structure. 

Lynne Dorsch LD2 Belt Buckle

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