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Musical Instruments

972 Rogers Double Base Ultra Power Seven kit 24-24-13-14-16-18-dyna

Let me start by saying I'm not a drummer and these were not my drums. What you see in the pictures is what you will get. Any info provided is from close observation and some from internet research so if you see anything I state that is incorrect, needs clarification, or you need more info or want more pictures (we have plenty), please do advise. That being said.

This looks like a used Fullerton era New England White Double Base Ultra Power Seven kit (24-24-13-14-16-18-dynasonic snare) as shown in pictures. The drums are in great shape with no extra holes drilled and the interior is flat grey. The set has a double 24" bass, 9 x 13 rack tom, 10 x 14 Rack Tom, 16 x 16 floor tom, 16x18" floor tom drum all New England White and a chrome 5 line custom dynasonic snare drum (I believe this to be part of the original set.). I believe they are all in matching but there are no tags.

All have double heads with Remo weatherking pin stripe heads and the hardware is in excellent condition, all original really clean chrome on all drums. There is some slight lifting at seams on a couple of the edges as they pulled away slightly over time from storage. There are no tags inside the any of the drums, The black on the bass hoops has been touched up. The drums sound great and they are all round. This kit includes the two tom arms and the floor tom legs, the throne (looks original too) and one soft base case. Note the double base stand is a pearl.

These drums are being stored in Riverdale, NJ and are available for inspection prior to or local pickup after sale.

We will ship these drums however, we will need at least an additional week to purchase and receive the correct size shipping boxes and will then need to break down the drums for safe packing. They all should fit into three 26 x 26 x 26 boxes and would ship (paid in advance) for actual shipping price via UPS Ground.

No sales outside the continental United States of America, NO EXCEPTIONS





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